Events during COVID-19 

Before COVID-19, PLSE’s calendar was packed with events in Philadelphia’s neighborhoods where you could get information and advice: presentations, “one-stops,” training programs, intakes, workshops, clinics… We are eager to get back out to help you in person (when we do, we will post all events here), but in the meantime, we’re using tech to connect.

PLSE’s Role in the Black Lives Matter Protests

As people take to the streets to fight for the equality and right to life of all, PLSE is available to represent those who have been arrested and issued citations during the protests. If you were issued a citation during the BLM protests and would like to see if you qualify for free representation, you can submit your information here.


Social Media

Because more and more people are (justifiably) concerned about the quality of justice, we have greatly increased our use of social media. Learn about new developments by following us on Twitter @plsephilly, Instagram @plse_philly, and Facebook @plsephilly.

“Office Hours”

Once each week, our attorneys will soon be available online to answer your questions about criminal records, how you can get rid of them, and what your rights are in the meantime. We hope to post the schedule soon.
Check back in about a week!

“Know Your Rights” Talks

We have added several videos to our Video Library page, and we bet we’ve answered your question. But we will soon start hosting a “live” talk at least twice each month, when we’ll answer your questions on things like:

  • What to do when employers, landlords, credit agencies or banks use your criminal records against you,

  • How to get rid of your criminal records,

  • Your right to vote and how to register, and

  • What goes on with pardons and expungements.

We hope to post the schedule soon. Check back in about a week!

Visit Our Video Library!

We have four kinds of videos—all short—that you can watch any day, any time:

  • People Change – how people have turned their lives around and deserve a second chance
  • Your Rights – shorts talks on topics you might be interested in
  • The Pardon Process – coaching from people who have been through it
  • The Pardon Application – tips from lawyers who volunteer for us on how to do the best job you can filling out the pardon application


PLSE is continuing to file expungements on behalf of our clients. Although hearings are delayed because of COVID, we are still accepting new clients for expungement! If you have a criminal record in Philadelphia County that you’d like to have cleaned up, click here to start the process.



PLSE is now screening all clients for pardon services, and offering free legal advice to interested clients! So if you have been convicted of a crime in Pennsylvania, click here to start the process.


Pardon Hubs

PLSE is continuing to train community non-profits to provide one on one pardon assistance to their own community members. Check out the list of pardon hubs and what they do.

Ask Us!

Send us an email at or call us at 267-519-5323 and leave a message. We get back to everyone who reaches out to us.