Statewide Pardon Project

Second Chances

Across the United States, 1 of 3 adults has a criminal record, and 1 of every 2 children has a parent with a criminal record. 

People change. Records don’t. It’s time we stopped letting history hold us back!

Across the country, people are now agreeing: If you paid your debt to society, you should be allowed to work.

The way is simple – a pardon from the Governor – and you don’t need money, connections or even a lawyer to get a pardon in Pennsylvania! 

Since 2019, Pennsylvania has been leading the country in pardon reform. Our Governor has issued almost 2,000 pardons — not to the rich and well-connected, but to people like you and me; and the Board of Pardons (which has to review and recommend people before the Governor can act) has been approving almost 9 over every 10 pardon applications they hear.

All across Pennsylvania, community leaders are getting together to form Pardon Projects, like they just did in Reading (Berks County). Neighbors are learning – in just one hour –  about the pardon process and how to complete the free pardon application in the best possible way to show how they’ve changed and deserve a second chance.     

Here is where you can get information in your county and, if you qualify, a Pardon Coach to help you with the pardon application – all for free:  

Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity

If there’s not yet a Pardon Project near you and you need help, watch these videos – you really CAN do it yourself! LEARN from these RESOURCES, contact us,  and Join the new Pennsylvania Association of Pardon Projects!  Together we can bring real hope and better futures to tens of thousands of low-income Pennsylvanians and their families!