This page is for counties that do not currently have a Pardon Project but are thinking about starting one.  It contains examples for how you can go from idea to operation, in five parts:

Most Pardon Projects have started off small, with a dozen or so Pardon Coaches trained and an equal number of clients needing help. They then expand from there, as the word starts getting around and the supply of both clients and coaches increases.  Each Pardon Project continues to develop, learning from their own experiences and those of the others, as their leadership meet monthly as the Pennsylvania Association of Pardon Projects.  For attorneys who volunteer through member Pardon Projects, the Association offers free, primary professional liability insurance.

If you have questions or need another example, send us an email and we will get back to you:  Thank you for your willingness to help others obtain the second chance that only a pardon can provide. 

Tobey Oxholm, Director, PLSE Pardon Project

November 17, 2021

Getting Started

Developing The Project

Outreach to Potential Clients and Client-Serving Community 

Training Pardon Coaches

Making The Project Sustainable